Never move into an apartment without an inspection

The search for a new apartment can be tedious and frustrating. Once you sign the lease you may be tempted to move in without going through the property inspection with your landlord – this can come back to haunt you.

Whats the worst that can happen?

If you choose to forgo an initial inspection, you could be held responsible for damage that could have existed prior to your moving in. This could result in you losing part of your security deposit or all of it.

How to perform a thorough inspection

Property inspection can be a huge task depending on the size of the property.  We recommend that you  enlist the help of a second person  during this process. Take with you a camera. Take pictures and record videos. Store them in a secure and retrievable cloud platform. Have your landlord sign the checklist, make a copy and store it in a safe place.

Pay special attention to:

  • Walls – note any dents, holes, or cracks in the plaster; scuff marks that don’t rub off; tears, bubbles, or peeling wallpaper.
  • Floors – check loose tiles, stains and torn carpets.
  • Bathrooms – Turn faucets on and test both hot and cold sides. Pull out cabinets doors and drawers, note any sticking or missing knobs or rails.
  • Kitchen – turn the faucets, check all cabinets including hinges. Check the inside of microwave and the oven. Note any missing accessories

Again we cannot emphasize the importance of an initial inspection. Insist on it  – better safe than sorry!