DIY Landlord vs Property Managers for your Rental Property

If you are a property owner trying to decide if you should hire a management company to handle your rentals or if you should be a DIY landlord, following are some of the reasons you should handle the details yourself.

While a management company might seem like a good choice, why spend money on something you can do yourself? It takes work but there are tools you can use that will make all DIY landlords want to handle rentals themselves.

The first advantage of handling the rental business yourself is the outlay of monies. Why pay someone else to do what you can do? You will save anything between 8-10% of rental income. But where do you start to learn about how to be a DIY rental landlord? RentalGrid is a property management software. RentalGrid gives users the tools to manage the whole rental lifecycle from adding units/properties and tenants to paying rent online, screening applicants, background check, keeping track of invoices, scheduling inspections, utility bills and all other payments including property repairs. It is an all in one platform for tenants, landlords and property managers. All this is done through an affordable, comprehensive, easy to use ,secure and intuitive RentalGrid platform.

By being personally involved in your rental property you get to know your renters personally. You allow yourself to keep control of your tenants, nurture good relations with them, service their issues and you do have a better watch on your property. You get to pick and choose you want to live in your rental home or apartment and the honest truth is no property manager or management company has as much incentive as you have to keep your tenants long term and to keep your property rented.

So why don’t you jump the ship and save yourself some money by trying out the all in one Rental Lifecycle Management software.